The paintings were made around the theme of “water”, with the images of an “iceberg” I want to show water in all its physical forms and at the meantime draw attention to the effects of global warming in my own way. A journey above the Arctic Circle (Svalbard / Spitsbergen) made me aware of the vulnerability of this inhospitable ecosystem.

The icebergs depicted are huge pieces of frozen freshwater that had broken off from glaciers and slowly melting into the "salty" seawater.

The visible "tips" of these icebergs vary in a range from 1 to 75 meters above sea level and have a weight between 100,000 and 200,000 tons. The temperature inside these icebergs is −15 to −20 ° C.

An iceberg can flip in the water as it melts and breaks apart because gravity continually pulls the heavier side downward. Most flipping occurs when the iceberg is young and establishing balance. Flipping can occur at any time, without warning. Large icebergs that can give off as much energy as a nuclear bomb and can cause earthquakes.

A study of "Das Eismeer" by Caspar David Friedrich, a painting made in 1823 inspired me to try to paint my own interpretation of these majestic icebergs.