der Schwarze Adler 2

The Eagle : power, overview and freedom.

The eagle is widely admired by its grand, majestic appearance. It is evident that he’s depicted on many flags of countries and coats of arms.

The eagle stands for power, courage, clarity, beauty, independence and is associated with the sun. Now, it appears that eagles are so good at collecting food that they spend very little time hunting. And the fact that they can feed themselves so well from the land on the one hand and rise to such great heights on the other, says a lot about the significance of the bird as a teacher.

The eagle helps us to find a balance between "being from Earth" but being "not tied to it."

Eagle invites you to have courage and to rise above the everyday level of life, so that you get an overview to broaden your outlook. The power of eagle reminds you of the freedom of the air, of spiritual freedom.

The eagle asks you to give yourself permission to see freedom as something you deserve and to pursue the joy you desire.

90x60 cm - oil on canvas